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Tunnel quick freezing equipment

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1.     The main body of the device—— including the box, the box door, the heat insulating layer material is AISI 304 stainless steel;

2.     Frozen capacity——2000Kg/1h

3.     Working  temperature——+121℃~-150℃(can be set arbitrarily)

4.     Lowest temperature in the box――≤-150℃

5.     Maximum cooling rate—— ≥ 20℃/min;

6.     Maximum heating rate—— ≥ 8℃/min(the use of Defrosting or High temperature sterilization)

7.     Accuracy of temperature control——±3℃

8.     Temperature uniformity——±3℃

9.     Insulation layer thickness —— 150mm, to ensure that the surface temperature is normal whether the equipment is in high or low temperature

10.  The liquid nitrogen system——including the heat insulating tube, the control valve, the nozzle, the distributor. And the liquid nitrogen is injected by multi point injection, ensure the uniformity of the temperature of the well.

11.  The inside air circulation system —— including motor, fan, air distribution device

12.  Micro pressure valve —— When the pressure of the cavity reaches the micro positive pressure, the valve will automatically discharge.

13.  Electrical control system —— the variable process controller, touch screen, PLC, alarm instrument AC contactor, intermediate relay, knob switch, etc.;

14.  Power -- 380V or 220V, 50Hz, 3.74 kw to 13.36 kw

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