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Frozen aquatic products processing small fish frozen machine is the most awesome

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At present, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the quality of fish products are also getting higher and higher. As the storage method of fish products, mainly in the processing of frozen, but the so-called frozen products and not simply to fish products into the freezer frozen storage is, but the production process of ultra low temperature freezing liquid and processed. In the use of frozen food, as a result of the need for a long time when the water freezes in food will expand, destroy the cell membrane. But Kuwait Galli R & D and production of fish frozen in liquid nitrogen machine by liquid nitrogen refrigerant - 196 DEG C, of aquatic products of super low speed freezing, this speed freeze protection of the cell membrane and aquatic products in a variety of tissues is not destroyed, water molecules does not expand, not to guide caused by rupture of the cell wall, and uniformly arranged, effectively inhibit the growth of microorganisms in aquatic product, let food in after thawing and freezing front taste, fresh and delicious.
Compared with other common aquatic products frozen equipment, Kewei Galli R & D and production of fish liquid nitrogen small quick freezing machine has a can not be compared with their advantages.
1. When the liquid nitrogen and frozen food contact, at 35 DEG C ~-85 DEG C of the ultra low temperature state, in very short time the frozen items through the largest ice generating area.
2 make the pressure inside and outside the food to reach a relative balance, to maximize the protection of the frozen products of the cell organization, to maintain cell activity, to ensure that the fresh quality of frozen goods, to maximize the retention of the original nutrients. Reduce the intracellular water analysis, the loss of juice during thawing.
3 the concentration of solute and food in the tissue of the cell, the time of the colloid and the interaction of the various components was significantly shortened, and the concentration of the solution decreased to the lowest degree.
4 to rapidly reduce the food to microbial growth activity under the temperature, to resist the growth of microorganisms and biochemical reactions. As a result of the use of ultra low temperature refrigeration technology, so the product can be fully effective when the product is frozen. Products frozen directly into the cold storage can be, do not need to worry about food with the bacteria reproduction destruction of food.
5.. after thawing nutrient loss, keep the food original flavor, taste and nutritional value, even on the palate than superior fresh food.
6.. Generally conventional freezing takes more than 4 hours or even ten hours, while the quick freezing technology takes only a few minutes to ten minutes.
I have come to have much liquid nitrogen freezing technology in crustaceans, fish, shellfish, tuna, large yellow croaker, lobster, other seafood aquatic products and beef, lamb IQF aspects has impeccable advantages, vacuum packaging of sashimi, shrimp is the liquid freezing technology advantage where, in quality with strong competition.
Food in the freezing equipment in short residence time and to improve equipment utilization rate and continuous production of most of the food at temperatures down to - 1 DEG C began to freeze, in 1 to 5 DEG C between most of the ice crystals generation. This stage is called maximum ice crystal formation stage. The freezing time can be shortened greatly, and the heat can be eliminated at the fastest speed, which is of great significance to improve the quality of frozen food.
Kewei Jiani is China's largest, most scale liquid nitrogen frozen professional equipment manufacturers, products using the new heating technology, control technology and liquid nitrogen dispersion technology, programmed temperature, the temperature and cooling process is uniform and stable. In addition the equipment operation is simple, the unit is stable, high efficiency and energy saving and environmental protection. Can meet the needs of 24 hours of continuous production