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Kuwait Jiani seafood small machine to lead the new trend of frozen seafood

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Seafood is now ordinary family dinner table is very popular dish, with the continuous improvement of living standards, everyone on the seafood quality also put forward higher requirements, especially frozen seafood, people like it's convenient, fast but also the pursuit of genuine, authentic. In order to ensure the quality of seafood frozen goods, so frozen link is very important.
Kewei Galli R & D and production of seafood small frozen in liquid nitrogen machine adopts is - 196 DEG C of liquid nitrogen as refrigerant, when food through the zone of maximum ice production and average temperature reached 18 degrees, this speed freezing food can be kept to maximize the original nutritional value and color flavor. This is because the food in the freezing process will happen a lot of changes, such as physical changes, tissue changes and microbial change, speed frozen food cell membrane are not destroyed, after thawing can keep the original flavor and taste. Food biological cells with a special magical biochemical reaction was suddenly strong cooling time, within the cell will produce a kind of cold resistant material to resist the outside temperature changes. This substance is glycogen. In vegetables such as cabbage, cabbage and other vegetables, in frost will produce this substance, so eat up feel taste very sweet. In the hibernating animal experiments and animal cells also contain such substances, liquid nitrogen freezing technology is the use of the ultra low temperature bring down the temperature of the food in a very short period of time, the food will produce substances of glycogen, such food after thawing will feel than fresh food taste more sweet feeling a little.
Liquid nitrogen frozen equipment in addition to maintaining the quality of the food, taste, there are many traditional mechanical refrigeration equipment can not match the advantages of.
1 avoid the formation of large ice crystals between cells.
2 reduce the moisture in the cell, and the loss of juice during thawing..
3 the concentration of solute and food in the tissue of the cell, the time of the colloid and the interaction of the various components was significantly shortened, and the concentration of the solution decreased to the lowest degree.
4 to rapidly reduce the food to microbial growth activity under the temperature, to resist the growth of microorganisms and biochemical reactions.
5 aquatic products liquid frozen storage equipment: Frozen fast frozen fast (only a few minutes to ten minutes) high efficiency, low operating costs.
6 as a result of the use of ultra low temperature refrigeration technology, so the product can be fully effective when the product is frozen. Products frozen directly into the cold storage can be, do not need to worry about food with the bacteria reproduction destruction of food.
7. Food in the freezing equipment in short residence time and to improve equipment utilization rate and continuous production of most of the food at temperatures down to - 1 DEG C began to freeze, in 1 to 5 DEG C between most of the ice crystals generation. This stage is called maximum ice crystal formation stage. The freezing time can be shortened greatly, and the heat can be eliminated at the fastest speed, which is of great significance to improve the quality of frozen food.
Kewei Jiani seafood frozen in liquid nitrogen machine in seafood aquatic products IQF aspects has impeccable advantages, each frozen machine enterprises can according to food frozen need to be adjusted freezing temperature, time and the transfer speed. And liquid nitrogen freezing equipment is simple, the workers do not need professional skills, in addition to the device also set the emergency stop button, once there is a problem as long as the press button can be automatically stopped. Future Kewei Jiani also improve equipment automation and intelligent and computer network combine to make the products reach the best freezing effect.