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Liquid nitrogen cabinet quick-freezing machine
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The product name:Small cabinet quick freezing equipment
Product brand:Cryogenic
Product origin:beijing
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Product overview

u     Model No.: SD-G-30

u     Equipment configuration is made of Stainless Steel AISI 304

u     Frozen capacity:30kg/hour

u     Pallet layers: 3layers

u     Pallet size:350MM*350MM

u     Each layer height:110mm

u     Working temperature: +120℃~-196℃can be set arbitrarily

u     With  +120  ℃high temperature online sterilization function

u      Inside Lowest temperature ≤-196℃

u      Max cooling rate: ≥50℃/min

u      Max heating rate:≥8℃/min

u     Control temperature Precision: heating rate、freezing rate、Constant temperature ±2℃

u     Inside  Air circulation system――including motors, fans, air distribution devices;

u     Micro-pressure release valve――when pressure inside is positive Pressure, the valve will work automatically

u     Control system――variable program controller, touch screen, PLC, alarm meters AC contactor, relay, rotary switch, etc;

u     Power——380V/220V (optional),0.37 kw

u     Outside dimensions: 880*780*1050mm(height*width*deep)

u     The frozen efficiency  improved 85% than ordinary quick freezer

u    Control system use touch screen + PLC control mode, with touch screen or computer as PC, make the operation and input the quick-freezing process more convenient, you will have a realtime monitoring of temperature inside. and be able to observe curve operation, will contrast the set curve and the operation curve.

u    The equipment has set the alarm device, an alarm device will alert when the door is not closed.

u     This system has two control system: manual and automatic. both can reflect in the touch screen, easy operation, highly reliability. Two systems of high and low temperature control are adopts PID adjustment, make the precision of the equipment can reach tender requirement.

u     Operation system: the operating system in English; pre-input frozen process, the boot completely unattended operation, the system will automatically cool down by technology curve, insulation, and other activities out of the box.